Photography 12

Mr. Clancy


Photography 12 is course that meets the requirements set out in the BC Ministry of Education learning outcomes for Visual Arts Photography 12. The course is a mix of theory and practice. Students will appreciate the dichotomy between theory and technical proficiency in photography. Blah Blah Blah, what this translates into is that you will be able to create fantastic works of art with the skills you learned last year, using both film and digital media. Students will be able to create a print that is technically perfect, and containing content that is meaningful and thought out. Students will also be able to understand and apply their knowledge of the digital process. By the end of the course it is expected that students will be able to:


·       Work to ones personal best

·       Work in a team atmosphere to overcome problems and concepts

·       Maintain an organized work environment 

·       Skills

·       Manipulate images with digital retouching software

·       Organize their digital files

·       Understand how to use an on camera flash

·       Understand how to use studio flash for creative lighting effects

·       Present their work in multiple formats

·       Have a personal direction and portfolio (digital and print)!


·      Understand the basic operation of Camera flashes

·      Create presentations of their work and develop their own personal style

·      Appreciate the different impact of having photos presented in various mediums

·      Comprehend the role that photography has played in society over the centuries


**** Please come to class with a pen! This is essential****

Your own digital and /or  film SLR camera is an asset, as it means that you will be able to work at your own pace.


Evaluation will be transparent, meaning that marks breakdown will be available for every assignment.

You will be marked on a number of things.

Marks will be based on the quality of the negative, the quality of the print, inclusion of contact sheet, and content. For each assignment there will be a marks breakdown on the assignment sheet. Digital assignments will be marked on many factors including digital retouching, and good resolution images handed in, ready for print.

Late assignments will not be accepted unless accompanied by a note from your parent/guardian.


This class has a certain amount of freedom to it. There are opportunities to work outside of the classroom. I want you to embrace this and use your time wisely. This is not a self-directed class, but I will not be hounding you to complete projects.

The year is divided into multiple modules. Each module addresses multiple core competencies as laid out in the BC curriculum.


Module 1- Introduction and Review

Introduction to class syllabus, procedures, course outline.

Assignment: Shoot, Process, Print, Scan, Post (SPPSP)

This tutorial will help you with dust removal

SPPSP Assignment Due


Module 2- Macro Photography

Click here to see Project


Module 3- Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt shift project assigned


Module 4- 3D Anaglyph Photography

3D project Assigned


Module 5- Studio Photography

You will be completing this project that has 4 components. Each component will be taught in person. They do NOT need to be completed in order.