Photography 11

Mr. Clancy


Photography 11 is a developed course that meets the requirements set out by the new BC Ministry of Education Curriculum learning outcomes for Media Arts 11. The course is a mix of theory and practice. Students will appreciate the dichotomy between theory and technical proficiency in photography. Students will be able to create a print that is technically perfect and containing content that is meaningful and thought out.

 Classroom Rules

  1. Be respectful of yourself and your teacher
  2. Put your cellphone in the cellphone tray at the beginning of class, it will be returned to you when the bell rings
  3. Arrive on time to class
  4. Let the teacher know if you need to leave the room
  5. Be present

Attitudes/ Work Habits





           Evaluation will be transparent, meaning that marks breakdown will be available for every assignment. You will be marked on a number of things. Marks will be based on the quality of the negative, the quality of the print, inclusion of contact sheet, and content. For each assignment there will be a marks breakdown on the assignment sheet. Digital assignments will be marked on many factors including digital retouching, and good resolution images handed in, ready for print. Late assignments will not be accepted unless accompanied by a note from your parent/guardian.


This class has a certain amount of freedom to it. There are opportunities to work outside of the classroom. With this freedom comes responsibility. If you do not attend lectures, you will probably fail this class! Regular attendance is mandatory. You are expected to be in class, on time and attend every class.


I’m happy to assist you outside of class hours. Please contact me at to arrange a time.


A module is a unit consisting of 1-2 minor assignments and possibly 1 major assignment. Each module has a focus on one aspect of photography.

Module 1 Set-up and introduction

Module 2 Introduction to Visual Elements

Module 3 Introduction to exposure triangle

Module 4 Introduction to the DSLR

Module 5 Aperture

Module 6 Shutter Speed

Module 7 ISO

Module 8 RAW images

Module 9 White Balance

Module 10 Photoshop Tutorials

Module 11 Composition