Film 11/12 overview

This is a survey course that presents different elements of the medium ( production & critique, technical & creative)

Upon completion, students should be able to:


Shoot and transfer video files

Basic editing of shot work


Screenplay writing

Basic lighting

Audio capture and integration

Foleys and sound effects

Basic post production aspects (audio, and special effects)


Identify different genres of film

Identify different shots and angles

Understand and identify transitions and cuts

Understand the role of film in popular media

Understand the history of film

Identify and create audio effects and incorporate them into their own films


·       Field trip form (parent e-mail is essential)

·       Film reviews via IMDB (sign up for an account here)

·       Follow this sheet for how to write and submit your review here

·       Expectation of punctuality (communication/instruction occurs during first 20 minutes of class)

·       Instruction followed by group or individual work

·       Classroom expectations

·       Course outline

·       Fire drill/emergency procedures

·       You must have a Google drive account. Sign up for one now if you do not have one.

·       List of student emails and phone numbers

·       Drawers assigned

This course is broken up into modules, each looking at a different aspect of filmmaking.

Each Module will have 1 or more assignments and 1 or more projects. The assignments are usually worth fewer marks and completed alone, whereas  projects are usually worth more marks and are done in groups. 


Module 1 Introduction to Classroom Procedures/first project

This module will introduce you to adding audio to your visuals

First project introduced


Module 2 Audio Capture

Clips from 24 Hour Party People 

Audio file types and nomenclature assignment

Audio Capture information sheet

Audio Capture Project assigned

Audio Capture Project 2 assigned

Interesting article on soundscapes


Module 3 ADR

Clips of King Kong behind the scenes shown

ADR project assigned


Module 4 L and J cuts

This worksheet/project gives a good overview of what “L” and ”J” cuts are.

A “J” cut is where you hear the audio before you see what is making the noise (or voice, etc.)

An “L” cut is where you see an image before hearing the audio associated with it.

This is a good video to watch if you are still uncertain.


Module 5 Shots and angles

 This module will introduce you to different shots and angles used in film and TV productions

Clips shown of different shots and angles

Shots and angles projects assigned. These can be handed in separately or as one project.


Module 6 Screenplays introduced

Introduce Celtx/ Screenplay template

Show completed hard copy screenplays and scene (Usual Suspects)


Module 7 Trailer project introduced

This project will have you highlight all of your learning up to this point.

We will be viewing other films at this time as well that are relevant to the trailer project.

When you have downtime, or no footage to edit for the trailer project, I would like you to complete Colour Correction Part 1, and then Colour Correction Part Deux. Part 1 is a solo project, Part Deux can be done in a group of 2.



Module 8 The Not so Big Project




Module 9 Animation and Key frames

For this project, you will be taking video footage of anything you like. Take approximately 20 seconds or so of footage.

Over this footage, you will animate a still image. This still image will be a .png file of anything you like, that you download yourself.


Module 10 Chroma Keying

 For this assignment, you will be learning the basics of how to use a green screen.

This video is an example of what you will be asked to do.


Module 11 Voice Capture

This module will teach you how to capture dialogue with a variety of recorders/mics and properly sync it with your video.

Voice Capture Project assigned

Sample project here


Module 12 Cuts and transitions

This module will introduce you to, and show you examples of cuts and transitions. By the end of the module, you will be able to use either in your own productions.

Cuts and transitions project assigned.