Digital Media Communication 9

This class is a locally developed survey course. Its intent is to familiarize you with digital terminology, software, and concepts that you can use in your other classes at Seycove. These are also skills you will use throughout your life.

This classes main purpose is to teach you the critical thinking skills needed to solve problems by yourself.

DM9 will also familiarize you with procedures and software used by teachers at Seycove to disseminate and collect information. It will have a strong emphasis on visual content and the design process. As such, it is a partial continuation of Visual Arts 8.

Creative Commons and intellectual property rights are also discussed.


The inclusion of the design process is important because it offers the student a framework to guide them through a project before starting. It also guides in assessing their own, and their peer’s work after completing the final product. The design process provides students with a vocabulary with which to discuss and critique their own and their peer’s work. The visual elements are referenced throughout the


Click here for the Design Checklist PDF


Programs/applications covered will include:

I would like you to come to this class with your agenda, and a pen and pencil. There is also a very strong organizational component to this course.


Modules may not be presented in class in the order in which they appear below


Module 1 Introduction


1.”Save Here” on the computer desktop

2. An online storage account like Google Drive,

3. Seycove Dropbox (on the Seycove server)


Module 2 Visual Elements

Module 3: PhotoMerge and Panorama


Module 4: Get Info and Collage project

Module 5 Understanding Pixels




Module 6: Stop Motion Film Making

Module 7: Microsoft and Google suites



Module 8: The Rather Fun Project