art 8 


Art 8 has been developed to meets the requirements set out by the new BC Ministry of Education Curriculum learning outcomes for Arts Education 8. In Art 8 the students learn the various visual elements (Line, space, form, shape, colour, texture, and tone, etc.). These are the building blocks of artmaking. This class is a great place to get a taste of art-making and learn about art history and contemporary artists.

Classroom Rules

Arrive on time to class.

Let the teacher know if you need to leave the room.

Be respectful of other students, yourself and your teacher.

The art room is a cell phone free zone during class time. Leave your cell phone in your bag or in your locker.

Attitudes/ Work Habits

Work to one’s personal best.

Work in a team atmosphere to overcome problems and concepts.

Maintain an organized work environment.


Pencil, Eraser, Paper, other materials for assignments will be supplied.


Student evaluation will be transparent, meaning that marks breakdown will be available for every assignment. You will be marked on different details of an assignment, not just the final outcome. Assignments should be submitted on time, late assignments will reflect a lower mark.


Regular attendance is mandatory. You are expected to be in class, on time and attend every class.


Modules are a way of breaking down a term or the year. Each one is an assignment or group of assignments that focus on a technique or concept.

module 1

Life is full of challenges, we are so diverse that each of us reacts differently to the rough spots in life. In this project, we will choose a word or words that reflect a reaction to something challenging. You are encouraged to respond to the challenges of being a young person in today’s world.

Here is a link to the project details...LINK

here are links to the artists we will be looking for inspiration for this project

Greg Lamarche

David Carson

Barbara Kruger