Senior Visual Arts (Studio Arts)

For a general overview of this course, please visit the BC Government site.

Overview: Senior visual arts is a survey course of different mediums used by students in the creation of artifacts.

It should be noted that there is equal importance placed on what is being created (and therefore communicated), as there is on what medium is chosen.

Students in this course begin the year reviewing the visual elements (line, tone, value, etc.), and traditional principles of design (pattern, rhythm, etc.), as well as the Postmodern Principles of Design.

There is a strong emphasis on learning the technical aspects of art so as to be better able to communicate what one wishes to communicate.

When larger projects are introduced, students are shown works by established artists and as a group we discuss and decipher these works technically, as well as stylistically and for content.

Students are then encouraged to create works in a similar style or media as used by an artist.

Throughout the year, students complete a number of smaller assignments in their sketchbooks for marking. These sketchbooks are the property of the student and students are encouraged to use them for daily drawing exercises.

Mediums used:

Students will be introduced to:

- India ink and nib drawing

- Acrylic painting on canvas

- Collage

- Watercolour painting

- 3D sculpture using cardboard and glue

-Printmaking employing silkscreen and monotype processes


It is expected that students submit proposals for projects in the correct manner as specified by their instructor. This could be as a digital submission, through discussion, or through a sketchbook entry.

Students will also be shown how to scan, photograph, and retouch their work in Photoshop so it can be presented in a digital format, or included in a portfolio.


Module 1 Introduction:

·         Class procedures outlined

·         Sketchbooks handed out

·         Overview of Visual Elements and Principles of Design

·         Visual elements Sketchbook Assignment 1: 1 Point Perspective

·         Visual Elements Sketchbook Assignment 2: 2 Point Perspective

Module 2 Truth and Reconciliation:

·         Visual Elements Sketchbook Assignment 3: Line Drawings

·         Introduction to Truth and Reconciliation Assignment (leading question shown on board)

·         Sketch Book assignment 4 Watercolour experimentation. On a sheet of 5 ½” X 7 ½” piece of watercolour paper, experiment with the 3 different modes of watercolour application; tube, pencil crayon, and “puck”, or hard watercolour.


Module 3 Acrylic Painting on Canvas:

·         For this project, you will be researching a Canadian painter. Note that this project has a sketchbook assignment component, as well as the painting component.

·         Colour wheel sketchbook assignment

Module 4 Traditional and Post Modern Principles of Art

·         You will be introduced to the Principles of Art. You will be completing some questions and creating a work to show your understanding with this sketchbook assignment.

·         Submit your written response as a .PDF here